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Practical Notes, Spells and Exercises
Well, I finally decided to put some information about actual practices on my page and I figured I'd better start with the basics.  These are practices, exercises, spells or information that I have either practiced myself or figured out myself that are useful to me.  I hope you find them interesting and maybe even useful.  Enjoy...
Casting a Sacred Circle, Scarlet's Way - The most basic of magickal practices for many witches... this is just my way of getting it done...
Self-Dedication - This is a breif description of how I came to find my path and the method I used for my self-dedication.
Handfasting - This is a copy of the handfasting ceremony my husband and I designed for our wedding.
Fasting - Some information and research on religious fasting and some tips on how to create a meaningful fasting experiance, including some information on Vision Questing
Elemental Communion - This is a guided exercise for introducing yourself to and communing with the five elementals
Ancestor Bood Meditation - This is a guided exercise for connecting with the Ancestors
Miniature Herbal - A list of eight useful herbs and why I must have them in my collection
Essential Oils - A list of my 20 favorite oils and their magickal and thereputic uses.
Some Devotional Material - This is just some information on my beliefs and various things about my practices I've typed up..
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