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ElementalExercise Title: Elemental Communion Exercise

Author: Scarlet

Communing with the elementals-

This is an exercise for those who want to practice casting an elemental circle, are trying to get in
touch with the elements or just want to re-connect with that sacred space and have no purposeful
spell to cast other than self-enrichment.

To begin, decide how you will cast your circle. If you have a method you have used or seen used, a
method you read in a book or learned from a teacher or one you’ve written yourself or any other
method you would like to try, try it.

One thing for a beginner or anyone who wants to commune with the elementals to do would be to
spend some time with them in your circle. Start wherever you feel comfortable, some people like
to start in the east where the sun rises, I like to start in the north where the compass points (at
least in this hemisphere). You might chose to bring an emblem of each elemental into the circle
with you and an offering to them (perhaps a beverage, alcoholic ones tend to be commonly used,
also foods, especially ones made yourself) but neither of those things is necessary.

Begin by casting your circle in the method of your choosing (I've listed my own method here)
and start with any preliminary meditation you prefer (I like chakra work) and perhaps take a
moment to introduce yourself to what you have gathered around you (don't be nervous, they wouldn't
have gathered if they didn't want to be around you), especially if you are not experienced with casting
circles. Anything will do. A poem you wrote, a poem you like, or just saying "I am *** and I desire
to work with the elementals."

Now face north. Sit and think about the elemental of Earth (or whichever elemental you are starting with).
Do you feel it present before you? Have you brought an emblem of Earth into your circle? Focus on it
for a moment. Why did you choose it? Feel its energy and feel the broader energy of Earth. What does
it look like, taste like, sound like, feel like to you? Is it a desert plain, a soaring craggy mountain, fresh
rich soil under your feet, a tree sprouting before you, perhaps a quiet grazing deer or sturdy bear, a line
of ants coming up out of the ground or a bunch of gnomes smiling mischeiviously as they appear before
you? Let the energy flow, follow where it goes, notice how it makes you feel and try to tell it how much
you appreciate its presence in your circle. What does it all mean? How are you connected with the
earth, your body, the physical world?

When you feel that the elemental has made itself known to you as fully as you are able to perceive it,
Salute the elemental with a bit of your offering, (a sip of you beverage, a sip spilled onto the ground or
into a special container to be later take out and spilled on the ground, a bite of food or whatever you
feel is appropriate) then move on to the next one, Air. Do the same thing. Is there an emblem? What
does the energy feel like? Is it a strong gale blowing in your face, a light breeze swirling around you,
the sensation of your lungs inflating and breath exhaling, a beacon of light, a butterfly or sparrow floating
along or an eagle soaring through high winds and updrafts, maybe fairies fluttering or sylphs singing?
Let them show you what they are all about and tell it that you appreciate it. What does it mean? How
are you connected to the air, your mind, intelligence, wisdom, logic, planning, enlightenment?

When you are ready salute it with your offering and move on to Fire. Is it a roaring all-consuming blaze,
a hypnotic campfire, a hearth in a comfortable home, a flickering candle, the rolling molten core of the
planet, the heat of the sun, an animal like a wolf or cat, fireflies darting around you, perhaps slithering
salamanders basking on sizzling stones? What are its qualities? Do you feel warm, angry, passionate,
instinctual, energized, mesmerized?

Then to Water in the west. What is your first impression? Do you feel adrift on a vast rolling ocean, at
peace near a glassy lake, flowing down a rapid river or bubbling brook, is there a waterfall, a dish of sweet
cool refreshing water to drink, maybe it’s a whale or large fish, a seal or dolphin or even a mermaid? How
does it make you feel? Do you feel emotional, calm, intuitive, introspective, cleansed, deep or creative?

Now, face your beginning position again, you may choose to lie down as well or look upwards or simply
look inwards. The last elemental is Spirit. How do you feel inside? How does it feel to be within your
sacred space, your circle. What is with you here? Are you alone, do you feel something around you,
inside you? What is it, are they deities, animal spirits, fairy beings, ancestors, ghosts, a greater spiritual
being of some sort? Spend some time with what you have found, let it guide and direct your images and
sensations. What does it have to say and how does it make you feel. When it has finished, thank it
and present your offering.

You do not have to leave the circle immediately when finished. You might like to do another meditation,
you might like to enjoy a simple “cakes and ale” ceremony or maybe a bit of drumming or do some
divination with your preferred method or a new one you wish to try, then close your circle in the manner
of your choosing.

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Author: Scarlet