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Title: Essential Oils in my collection and their uses.
Author: Scarlet

Essential Oils and their Uses

Here is a list of most of the essential oils I have in my collection. They are useful for anointing (anything from the self to candles to poppets to charms), drawing shapes, dropping on incense coals, and can be added to crafts such as candles, clay, etc. They tend to last longer than herbs, have wider application and stronger scents. Be careful if you plan to use them as some may cause allergic reactions.
I list my sources at the bottom.

Magick- Success, prosperity, protection. Rub on money, wear on hands or keep in wallet to ensure wealth.
Aromatherapy- Soothing, Invigorating, Uplifting. Promotes confidence and courage, fights anxiety and depression. Encourages appetite, fights travel sickness. (Do not overexpose to the sun, causes discoloration on skin)

Magick- Boost clairvoyance, divination by dreams, cleanses negativity. Helps with releasing old loves and reducing sexual appetites.
Aromatherapy- Stimulating, sedates nerves, uplifts apathy. Repels flies and moths, reduces inflamation. Don’t use before bed or sleep might be elusive. Use sparingly, can be toxic, do not use during pregnancy

Magick- Wards off evil and repels enemies. Helps to “cast off evil” (gives strength to rid oneself of enemies or addictions). Wear in shoe to break curse. Helps in recuperation from illnesses, very healing oil.
Aromatherapy- To clear the air after disagreements, cool heated emotions. Aids with respiratory conditions and builds immune system. Aids concentration. Antiseptic, can be used on bites and stings. Soothes aching or stiff muscles and joints.

Magick- Moon and nightime magick, attract love, relaxation, childbirth, meditation and anointing. Prophetic dreams.
Aromatherapy- Antidepressant (uplifts, optimism), antispasmotic (relieves cramping), relaxes nerves. Good for headaches, insomnia and PMS. Aids alertness.

Magick- Aspurging, sharpen and clarify vision (see ghosts, divine wishes, enhance wisdom). Healing and purifying. Good for love and fertility, attracts love and the fae. Longevity
Aromatherapy- Reduces stress and calms headaches, sedative. Antidepressant (mood booster, calms, relieves pain), antispasmotic (good for aches) and is said to be an aphrodisiac.

Magick- To cleanse second-hand magickal objects. Can ensure faithfulness in both love and friendship.
Aromatherapy- detoxifying and energizing. Stimulates liver and lymph system. Antiseptic, antidepressant, stops bleeding. Increases concentration and memory. (Do not overexpose to the sun, causes discoloration on skin)

Magick- Help to clear evil, help to clear a haunted house. Far-memory and past-life work. Clairvoyance, peace and harmony.
Aromatherapy- easing of resentments, uplifting.

Magick- Enhances self assurance, confidence, arouses senses and passions, promotes vitality and strength. Magnetic sensual oil, unisex scent.
Aromatherapy- joint pains, aphrodesiac

Magick- Self-confidence, distinction, opening eyes to beauty. Brings peace and soothes nerves.
Aromatherapy- Unknown

Neroli (Bitter Orange):
Magick- Prolongs sensual pleasure, magnetic oil (attracts men) gives peace.
Aromatherapy- Antidepressant (stimulates creative thinking), antispasmotic (good for circulation). Good for anger, panic and anxiety.

Orange Blossom:
Magick- Love magick, especially for marriage or hesitant lovers. Attracts men.
Aromatherapy- refreshing, brightening, uplifting

Magick- Good luck, good health. Drives out poison.
Aromatherapy- Boosts immune system, wards off common respiratory ailments. Helps aleiviate digestive disorders and coughs.

Magick- Good for grounding, communing with earth elementals, prosperity/fertility magick. Also good for love-drawing and keeping a partner. Can be used for uncrossing/jinx-breaking. Attracts women. Wards off negativity and brings peace.
Aromatherapy- Balancing (normalizing the flow of Chi), releasing negative emotions.

Pine Oil:
Magick- Implies warm welcome, home and simplicity. Good for forest magick, grounding and cleansing. Also for justice work.
Aromatherapy- Uplifting (dispells fatigue). Good for lung disorders and for stressed muscles and joints.

Rose Geranium:
Magick- Meditation (calming, but not sedative), blessing and protection. Anoint window sills and other openings to ward negativity and brings courage to the wearer.
Aromatherapy- Skin treatments, stress reliever, diuretic (balances water-level in the body)

Magick- Protection, and healing. Also, dreams and psycic work. Protect against nightmare and attract fairies. Also good for mental clarity (prudence and self-assurance).
Aromatherapy- Mental clarity, concentration, creativity and memory. Stimulating (relieves mental fatigue) and can ease muscle aches and headaches.

Rue Oil:
Magick- Warrior magick, harsh and fierce but protective. Can be used for breaking a curse/hex/jinx. Aspurging for exorcism. Helps with clairvoyance. An arrow rubbed with rue will always find its target.
Aromatherapy- Do not use externally or internally.

Magick- Blessing, wishes/luck and happy home magick. Protective, healing (also justice) and good for psycic awareness.
Aromatherapy- Aphrodesiac, impermiable to insects, heck, just about good for everything. Good for reproductive and urinary systems. Calming and soothing to the nerves.

Tea Tree:
Magick- Healing and beauty magick
Aromatherapy- Antimicrobial (also antifungal), antiseptic, good for skin conditions

Ylang Ylang:
Magick- Unisex attraction, soothes marriage issues, creates an impression and calms. Also good for Fairy work.
Aromatherapy- Aphrodesiac, calming/relaxing, antidepressant

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Author: Scarlet