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A Lateral Balance There is one God
There are many Gods
There is no God
We are Gods

There is a creator, a genderless great mass of energy that has no conscious that we, as humans can relate to or even imagine. She/He/It has created all of the universe, all of existence, all of time and space out of It’s own "flesh." It has created the suns and the planets and the galaxies, the Spirits, the Gods and all life. Though it is genderless, I, myself, see It embodied as a feminine energy, the Great Earth Mother, and I attribute this view as caused by my own female condition and the reverence I have for the process of birth and womanhood.

The Creator has created the Godspirits of all. Perhaps these Godspirits created their kingdoms or perhaps the kingdoms were created by the Creator Itself, but it is all of Its flesh, so it is all the same. The Godspirits rule over their kingdoms… they might be things like water or fire or time or the sun or corn or the grass of the corner field over in Lincoln Park or the sound of bells at a Tibetan monistary. There are also Gods, the ones mankind has heard of and worshipped for generations upon generations. These Gods were created through the meeting of the Godspirits and humanity. The Gods rule over their kingdoms and act as channels for mankind to access the power of the Godspirits whos "flesh" make up the kingdoms and are almost unknowable, but not as unknowable as the Creator. This may sound as though the Gods are merely intercesors with the Godspirits, but that is not so. The Gods are part of the Godspirits, the parts that mankind can perceive.

The ancestors are part of mans path to the Gods, they are the Godspirits of man, the Gods of man and the accumulated memory of human experience. The Creator, the Godspirits, the Gods, the Ancestors and the living arranged in a hierarchy, but rather are connected by their connection to the Creator but separated by their existence on different planes of being, different understandings and methods of existence. Humans have the Ancestors and the Gods and their history and only humans have these things. Other animals have little need for the Gods of man. However, other living beings do have their own Gods and Ancestors… these things humans can barely glimpse for we have little need of them, but when we do encounter them, some people may call these ancestors of other speicies' "Totems."

Kronos and Gaia

In the beginning, there was nothing. There was no matter, no anti-matter, nothing moved and without movement, there is no way to measure time... time does not exist in nothingness.
No one knows from where the spark came or what, truly, the spark was, but when it appeared, time began and so we shall call the spark "Kronos."
When the spark touched the nothingness, She was born and at the same instant, out of Her flesh, She birthed the universe. We shall call Her "Gaia." The universe expanded and developed and is still expanding to this day.
Kronos is time, He is action, movement, the steady march of the universe.
Gaia is space, She is matter, anti-matter, all the universe is her flesh.
One cannot exist without the other. There is no time without the movement of matter, there can be no matter without the movement of its componants.
They are One.

The names of Kronos and Gaia reflect a gender, but do not misunderstand. Mankind was not created in the image of the Gods and man did not create the Gods. Only some creatures in this universe are seperated into genders, not all things have a male and female counterpart and since the Gods cannot create something that they are not themselves, how could they create stones and fire and wind and water that do not, without assistance, have a gender?
No, the names of Kronos and Gaia and the respective genders associated are only there to help us relate the the essence of their energy.