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Scarlet's Online Book of Shadows (and Notes)
Here's a little record of stuff I'm actually going to use.  Links to information, documents and other stuff I need online, as well as some practical, personal stuff about my own faith and practices.  I hope anyone else who stumbles onto my page will find it as useful as I do.
Frequently Asked Questions (Paganism): I typed up some responses that I would have to some questions I often see on pagan forums about paganism and witchcraft.  Just my opinions and observations.
FAQ (Wicca): Same deal, note that I am not actually Wiccan myself but have studied some Neo-Wicca and had many-a-conversation among them. This is not a "What is Wicca?" There are plenty of sources describing the faith, these are just observations I've made and a few things I've studied up on.
What Does It Mean To Be Pagan?: Never the same thing twice... Here is a list of some various pagan paths and links to helpful sites about them.  Certainly not an authoritative list and I'm always willing to update it, just email me if you want to show me a cool site or talk shop (er... Craft?).
What is Eclectic Paganism?: Here is something that might help define a little about why I call myself an "Eclectic Pagan" and what that means beyond my own practice.
The Myth of the Halloween Witch: Who is that woman flying on a broomstick, and where did she get that stylish hat?  Here is some explanations about where we might have gotten our stereotypical image of a witch and how she differs from real witches.
Scarlet's Library: A list of recomended books that I've found helpful in one way or another over the years.
Practical Notes, Spells and Exercises: My page containing a small collection of practical and devotional material related to my own personal practices, experiences and beleifs.  Read and use at your own risk.
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